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1.phase in: V. to intriduce something in stages or gradually 逐步采用或实施 The government is going to phase in the new pension scheme over five years, 政府将在五年内逐步实施新的退休金计划. 2.phase out v. to stop or remove some...

同相位的声波、反相位的声波 百度嫌我字数不够

在这个阶段 Actualization process for product innovation in the phase of fuzzy front end 模糊前端阶段产品创新设计过程实现研究 Some organizations have completed correction of the programs in the system and replacement of equipmen...


phase in 释义: 逐步引进; 逐步实施; 分阶段引入

in phase英 [in feiz] 美 [ɪn fez] [释义]同相; -- out phase英 [aut feiz] 美 [aʊt fez] [释义]异相,不同相

phaseunwrapping相位;相位解缠;相;位相Thedifficultyof phase unwrapping cannotbeavoidedinopticalmeasurementbasedonfringeanalysis.在所有基于条纹分析的光学测量中,相位问题是难以避免的问题.很高兴第一时间为您解答,祝学习进步如有问题...

Glycolysis糖酵解 citric acid cycle (Krebs)三羟基循环 the electron transport 电子转移




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