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Life is better when you decide you do not care. 当你决定不再在乎的时候,生活就好起来了。 这是一道来自手机的问题对

Some people think that life at present is better than life in the past. They think that now we are living a life that our ancestors could never have dreamed of. For instance, convenient foods from markets have simplified cookin...


歌曲名:Life Is Better 歌手:Q-Tip 专辑:The Renaissance Q-Tip Feat. Norah Jones - Life Is Better Norah Jones: Life's filled with graaaay... But now, it comes clean... Leaves fall, awaaaaaay... Hip-hop is playing again And it's ba...

in a word in general in summary

1、more 和 better 都是比较级,不能连在一起用的 2、 That 的从句不要乱用,要么用来解释that 前面的名词,或者跟短语一起用 3、 electronics 这个应该不是这些phone ,computer,bus ,train and so on 的总括吧 4、 前后不连贯,语句不通顺 5分...


life is never worse,but never better 生活从来都不坏,但从来没有更好


Have a nice Day祝你愉快! life is better with fridns有朋友的话,生活会更精彩


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