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Some people think that life at present is better than life in the past. They think that now we are living a life that our ancestors could never have dreamed of. For instance, convenient foods from markets have simplified cookin...


宸劔亜厘恷除匆囑欺宸劔議並音狛音勣壓吭祥挫阻。 頁嗤乂繁絞吭栖儖蝕伉議匆嗤栖泡蛍議音狛厘貫音氏壓吭宸乂晴厘賜謹賜富氏逸廁欺匯乂寔屎僥勣逸廁議繁遇拝匆氏僥楼欺載謹光嶽光劔議岑紛嗤宸祥校阻。 祥才宸倖芙氏匯劔騰徨載謹...

梧爆兆:Life Is Better (Feat. Norah Jones) 梧返:Q-Tip&Norah Jones 廨辞:...Featuring Q-Tip Feat. Norah Jones - Life Is Better Norah Jones: Life's filled with graaaay... But now, it comes clean... Leaves fall, awaaaaaay... Hip-hop...


C 編籾蛍裂詐簟癸采瓶旁軒議適薦厘断議伏試延誼埆栖埆挫。AInstead of旗紋BThanks for咀´´遇湖仍 CThanks to喇噐DIn order to葎阻功象鞘吭絞僉夲C。

宸鞘三嗤載謹吭房,勣頁汽鎮竃栖,祥頁川蛙徭社咳兎MY LIFE¨S GETTING BETTER 酒亟葎MLGB,勣頁...

遍忖銚壓陳戦?野腎俶勣壓陳戦? 利大貧孀欺猖撞調隶: Our life is getting better and better in the 21st century. 萩殊臥頁倦頁艇俶勣議基宛.

Life is better when you decide you do not care. 輝低畳協音壅壓窄議扮昨伏試祥挫軟栖阻。 宸頁匯祇栖徭返字議諒籾斤

頁life is better when you are hanging 杏伏試壓低椀鬼議扮昨厚胆挫。


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