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they're的英文意思是“他们是”。they加个er是they’re,they're=they are,是they are的简写方式。 拓展资料 they're的用法 1、People eat when they're depressed. 人在心情沮丧时就吃东西。 2、Dad's flirting with all the ladies, or they're ...

They‘re 是they are 的缩写,意思是:他们是

they re pigs的意思是他们是猪。 例句: 1.Cat Pork, they callit. Or bacon. They only call them pigs when they're alive. 猫猪肉,他们这么称呼。或者熏肉。只有在活着的时候它们才被称作猪。 2.They’re saving money towards a new house. ...

they are 的缩写,they're

try some,they're good 根据语境try在这里是‘吃’的意思,try some,they're good: 吃点这个东西,味道很好!


后面一个应该是They aren't吧?少写了一个e 两个都是They are not的缩写,意思完全一样,缩写形式不同,在不是非常正式的文体和场合下随便用哪个,也就是多数情况下随便用 但是非常正式的情况下不要缩写,要写They are not

They 're=they are 意思是:他们是 1.People always think I'm a fool, and I dare say they're right. 人们总认为我是个傻瓜,想必他们是对的。 2.They're freshly baked. I fetched them from the baker's this morning. 它们是刚出炉的。我...

they're really cool! 他们真的很酷!

they're [ðeə; 'ðeiə] 英 [ðeə(r)] 美 ['ðer] = they are they're 他们是,他们 例句:After all, we have no clue about the nature of these hypothetical aliens, why assume they're friendly? 毕竟,我...


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