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ThE SummEr PAlACE 还是 SummEr PAlACE?

The Summer Palace :颐和园

为什么叫“The Summer Palace”?因为它叫“夏宫”,为什么叫“夏宫”呢?因为慈禧每年4月份就来到颐和园,10月份才走,整个夏天都在这渡过,所以把它叫做“The Summer Palace”。

专有名词就要大写。比如Summer Palace是指颐和园,其中两个单词的首字母就要大写。而单独说palace指宫殿这么一个地方,没有具体说是什么宫殿,就无需大写了。

There are many places of interest in Beijing, but I think the most beautiful one is the Summer Palace. It is in the northwest of Beijing. It was builtmore than one hundred years ago. The Kunming Lake is famous for its clean wat...

你好! 翻译为:颐和园 有的,特指和唯一都要用the 希望能够帮到你!

he Summer Palace 颐和园; 形近词:The Summer Palace 双语例句 1 Chinese Classical Aesthetics and the Arts of Gardening of the Summer Palace in Chengde City 中国古典美学与避暑山庄 2 How about visiting the Summer Palace first? It i...

Summer Palace n.颐和园; 例句 1.A friend of my cousion's sent me some photos of the summer palace. 我表哥的一位朋友给我寄来了一些颐和园的照片。 2.Talking about coincidence, I met a childhood friend yesterday at the summer palace...

故宫博物馆 颐和园

the summer palace的意思是: 颐和园 颐和园,北京市古代皇家园林,前身为清漪园,坐落在北京西郊,距城区十五公里,占地约二百九十公顷,与圆明园毗邻。它是以昆明湖、万寿山为基址,以杭州西湖为蓝本,汲取江南园林的设计手法而建成的一座大型...

the old summer palace is a part of chinese culture many people visit the park everyyear 圆明园是中国文化的一部分,每年很多观圆明园


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