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在第二天开始。at 10 days是在十天间(这里十天用at这个介词不是很合适,用for比较好,因为at表示时间是是一个较短的瞬间),at day 10是在第十天

小题1:C小题1:A小题1:B小题1:C小题1:A 小题1:根据Our body grows most while we are asleep.描述可知选C。小题1:根据If we do not get enough fresh air, we will feel tired when we wake up.及上文描述可知如果睡眠不足可导致劳累,故选A。小...

1-4 CBAD

前边有个during,在一定时间内 这样 B表将来,可改为to be followed,而且后句也要改为将来时 C形容词放day后边不对,要放day前 D形容词放day后边不对,要放day前 所以选A,that followed,做定语


Our bodies want to sleep at night and be awake during the day. 我们的身体在晚上处于睡眠(休息)状态,并且白天保持清醒状态。 分析: at night 在晚上;during the day 白天。固定搭配 sleep 睡眠/休息;awake 清醒。此处两个词都表示身体...

表示时间的at, in, on: at表示片刻的时间,如:at 8 o'clock ,常用词组有:at noon, at night, at midnight, at the end of, at that time, at the beginning of, at the age of, at Christmas, at New Year等。 in表示 一段的时间,如:in the mo...

答案: at festival on holiday at Halloween 规律:基本上节日里面有day的就加on 没有day的就用at 举例子:1.at New Year’s Day,May Day,Children’s Day,National Day用on, 2.Easter,Halloween,Christmas,Spring Festival,Dragon Boat Festival...


Does or 保证对


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