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英语题:连词成句 做错了,主要的原因: 1.缺乏语感。 (主要原因) 2.语法存在问题。 解决办法: 1.多读课文,适当背诵一些英语好句。 2.补英语语法。 望采纳。

Joan and Joe go for a stroll Joe shows Joan his roses Joan won't go home alone So Joan goes home with Joe

I was quiet before Now I'm very active I was short so I couldn't ride my bike well There was no old library my school Tell us about your school please

1 What is his last name ? 2 Is that your friend ? 3 Is your dictionary on the desk ? / Your dictionary is on the desk . (这句: 看不清是问句还是疑问句, 所以两句都写。) 4 I have eight books in my bag. 5 The computer is not his...

不是长久之计啊!! 百度搜一天速成英语核心语法,所有这种小问题一网打尽!

Please read after me. Sit down please. Come here and clean the blackboard. Go there and stand please. Close the window plase. Dad, buy me a yo-yo please. Please listen to me carefully please. Let's play hide-and-seak. Let's not...

1.Who swims best of the three 2.Who works hardest of them

C watch A want to A good to A I A To listen Eating more fruit for you is good I brush my teeth before breakfast What's Danny's favourite food What exercise do you do for Sixty minutes make an hour

一、连词成句 【以下回答首字母大写】 1、twenty,is,teacher,students,in,classroom,there,a,and,the 【there is a teacher and twenty students in the classroom】 2、your,job,what,father's,is [what is your father's job?] 3、I,in,classr...

5 What does Ann have to do before dinner ? 6 Do not leave the dirty dishes on the table . 7 We have to wear the school uniform at school . 8 I want to see the koalas because they are really cute. *******************************...


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