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英语题:连词成句 做错了,主要的原因: 1.缺乏语感。 (主要原因) 2.语法存在问题。 解决办法: 1.多读课文,适当背诵一些英语好句。 2.补英语语法。 望采纳。

I was quiet before Now I'm very active I was short so I couldn't ride my bike well There was no old library my school Tell us about your school please

No, I don,t. Where are my keys where are your pictures His room is nice but it is noy tidy.

1) how about tell your parents about your worries 2)why not plan your time more carefully 3)perhaps you should find out the cause of your problem 4)let's finish our homework first 5)what about make more friends in your class 6)...

2、The meat and the juice are at back. 3、I would like some tea and 18 bottles of water. 4、Would you like to buy some food for me at the store? 5、The coke is over there.

1.when is the best time to visit the USA?

C watch A want to A good to A I A To listen Eating more fruit for you is good I brush my teeth before breakfast What's Danny's favourite food What exercise do you do for Sixty minutes make an hour

哇! 一、连词成句 【以下回答首字母大写】 【there is a teacher and twenty students in the classroom】 [what is your father's job?] [I have four new friends in my classroom.] [is your mother a murse?] [what is this in English?] [d...

We went to the Bund and visited the Shanghai Museum.

Please read after me. Sit down please. Come here and clean the blackboard. Go there and stand please. Close the window plase. Dad, buy me a yo-yo please. Please listen to me carefully please. Let's play hide-and-seak. Let's not...


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