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I was quiet before Now I'm very active I was short so I couldn't ride my bike well There was no old library my school Tell us about your school please

Is the book on the desk? where are my keys? my bag and my hat are on the desk. it is in the bookcase.

1.I can't have my dog with me on the bus. 2.The animal centre needs a lot of volunteers. 3.People gave some food to this hungry dog. 4.They will volunteer at the school library this Saturday. 5.My grandma is too old and she can...

I dont want to reply to the foolish question .

一、连词成句 【以下回答首字母大写】 1、twenty,is,teacher,students,in,classroom,there,a,and,the 【there is a teacher and twenty students in the classroom】 2、your,job,what,father's,is [what is your father's job?] 3、I,in,classr...

C watch A want to A good to A I A To listen Eating more fruit for you is good I brush my teeth before breakfast What's Danny's favourite food What exercise do you do for Sixty minutes make an hour

People always praise bees for their hard work. What does your English teacher look like? I saw the lost dog an hour ago. We should not smoke in the library and cinema. People can reuse many old things.

1.Who swims best of the three 2.Who works hardest of them

Please read after me. Sit down please. Come here and clean the blackboard. Go there and stand please. Close the window plase. Dad, buy me a yo-yo please. Please listen to me carefully please. Let's play hide-and-seak. Let's not...

We went to the Bund and visited the Shanghai Museum.


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