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Can his brother drive a car?

When is Oliver's birthday.

We often have English class at 8:00.

they were standing in the front of school


Donny is writing a report

see,i,not,theclock,can 答案:I can not see the clock. 翻译:我看不到那个钟表. 答案:【I have got a wonderful clock.】 翻译:我已经得到一个很精彩的钟表. 解析:have got是现在完成时时态,翻译为已经得到,不能翻译为有. 原创回答,欢迎...

解答: (1)Is Sarah drinking water now? (2)We will go to the zoo. (3)Please keep your desk clean. (4)The red picture is mine. (5)We often go for a walk after dinner.

陈述句 I can run on the grass. 疑问句 Can I run on the grass? 要看你标点符号是什么

what can she do at school?这种题目就是先找“人”“动作”“地点”,你看有人:she,做:do,地点:school,那么剩下的两个是英语的语法。三W和一H(what、when、where和how)都是语法,看到时问号就把what放前面去,剩下的at是跟着school。 can you...


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