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where is she from London is the capital of the UK It is in the east of the country Do you know my country? (Capital不知道拼的对不对……

they were standing in the front of school

ten students come to school by bus

We often have English class at 8:00.

1.What did Mike do yesterday? 2.Did you read books last weekend? 3.I visited my grandparents yesterday. 4.Mike and Zhang peng played football last Sunday. 5.I cleaned the room and washed clothes in the afternoon. 没有in afernoo...


Donny is writing a report

学习用品 pen pencil pencil-case ruler book bag comic book post card newspaper schoolbag eraser crayon sharpener story-book notebook magazine 人体 foot head face hair nose mouth eye ear arm finger leg tail 动物 cat dog pig duck ...

了解句子的构成,如果题目给出标点,问号则为疑问句,则在选词中寻找有无特殊疑问词,如没有,这句话应该就是一般疑问句(小学应该不会出现主从复合句)如有特殊疑问词,就是一句特殊疑问句,即特殊疑问词+一般疑问句 如原句为陈述句,则按照主...

Do you have any rice today My mother likes apples very much Are you the new Math teacher My brother is strong and tall 百分之百准确


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