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where is she from London is the capital of the UK It is in the east of the country Do you know my country? (Capital不知道拼的对不对……

When is Oliver's birthday.


what can she do at school?这种题目就是先找“人”“动作”“地点”,你看有人:she,做:do,地点:school,那么剩下的两个是英语的语法。三W和一H(what、when、where和how)都是语法,看到时问号就把what放前面去,剩下的at是跟着school。 can you...

一 1 we lived in a small house. 2 Why is she wearing these clothes? 3 Can you find out information about this train in timetable? 4 I will buy you a new one. 二 1 suggest 2 why 3 dragon 4 kind 5 quickly 6 excited 7 America 8 ch...

Do you have any rice today My mother likes apples very much Are you the new Math teacher My brother is strong and tall 百分之百准确

I want to know more about the Great Wall. 我想知道更多关于长城。 希望我的回答对你有帮助,满意请采纳,谢谢。

解答: (1)Is Sarah drinking water now? (2)We will go to the zoo. (3)Please keep your desk clean. (4)The red picture is mine. (5)We often go for a walk after dinner.

1\That is very kind of you. 2\When is the school trip this year? 3\Is the singing contest in May too? 4\We have a few fun things in spring. 5\Winter vacation is in January and February. 6\My favourite season is autumn. 7\What w...

2, Do you often read books?


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