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soko的《take my heart》,听听看是不?要不这个

the lazy song 歌手是bruno mars 粉丝叫他火星哥,美国歌手,很红,以唱情歌著称 歌词第一句是 today i dont feel like doing anything 他好听的歌还有 when i was your man locked of heaven just the way you are等等

good day----DNCE 这首歌我也找了好长时间了

Take Me Hand

magic的rude,why you gonna be so rude~dont you konw im human too~

today we 还是today I?如果是today I。你可以去听听《the lazy song》

一定是这首6The lazy song》歌手是Bruno Mars. 以下是歌词, Today I don't feel like doin' anythingI just wanna lay in my beddon't feel like picking up my phoneso leave a message at the tonecause today I swear I'm not doing anythi...

If Today Was Your Last Day ,nickleback的,一个乐队唱的,摇滚,是不是啊?不行的话再看看是不是believe,dima bilan的。。

分析最有可能是第一首 这是个经典的英语民歌歌曲名:Today 歌手:区瑞强Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine I’ll taste your strawberries I’ll drink your sweet wine A million tomorrows shall all pass away Ere I forget al...

Today, Is A Good Day吧


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