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Li Ming finished the painting half an hour ago.

1 My aunt is a doctor, draw 2 My brother is a student. He is 12. He can play basketball. 3 London, rainy, late, go to bed 3 farm, 10 sheep, cute


2Unless 3but 4if 6so.that 7and.

1 Are the boys jump as tall as the girls ?Yes,they are 2 Is Tom run faster than you? yes,he is .but he is slower than janny 3I'll get earlier every day 4 but my friends swim faster than me 5she read better than all of us 6 do y...

Does the boys jump as far as the girls?Yes, they are. Does Tom run faster than you? Yes, he does. But he runs slower than Janny. I'll get up earlier every day. But my friends swim faster than me. She reads better than all of us...

1、Do you want to see koalas? 2、The giraffe does not come from South America. 3、First,let's see the dolphins.


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