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only a passer-by in your world. passer-by 路人

I am only a passer-by in your world.

我希望有个如你一般的人 I hope someone like you 如这山间清晨一般明亮清爽的人 Such as the mountain in the morning light and fresh 如奔赴古城道路上阳光一般的人 like to sun people on the road to the city 温暖而不炙热,覆盖我所有肌...

最初了解这本书,是无意间在微博上看到作者的一篇文章。以后便一发不可收拾的爱上了这本书以及它的作者——张嘉佳,当即便买了实体书回家慢慢读。 The original understanding of this book, is inadvertently seen in micro-blog on the author o...

pass by your world

从你的全世界路过 Passing from your world

reat thoughts, which are as fresh today as when they first passed through their author’s

《从你的全世界路过 》封面的英文: Love you,think of you,love you secretly,love you eagerly.wait,feel disappionted.try hard,lose,and feel sad,go apart,all of these are for sake of you,and i will never regert for it. 翻译成中文...

내가 너한테 전 세계 지나가는 我从你的全世界路过 내가 너한테 전 세계 지나가는 我从你...

幺鸡发烧去医院路上说的话: 当你全力以赴,打算对一个人好的时候,你就变成了傻子、聋子,眼里除了他,什么人都没有,就连伤害,都变成了对一场恋爱的检测。 你还傻不兮兮的鼓励自己,安慰自己,要坚强。


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